Dancing in the kitchen, and more

Your body knows! Discover a toolbox of practices, exercises and deep&quick ways to improve become the persone you want to be (and ignite your creativity while becoming a tougher and more generous human being!)

Hello! It’s me ;-)

I am a certified happiness embodiment coach and I help busy and overwhelmed women to rediscover joy and their creativity, starting from the body.

My goal is to make everyone who is working on a personal project feeling stronger and bigger. I have a special focus on overwhelmed freelancers, mums, and people working in creative fields such as writing, editing, media, and tv production. I have been there for years, I am still an editor. Using the tools of embodiment coaching and visual meditation, every session is a self-confidence booster and a way to fire up a new stress-free creativity.

What people say about

“Dear Leonora, our first coaching happened to be a precious emotional first aid for me. I just had experienced the sudden loss of a dear friend and your tools helped me to get calmer, centered and to recollect myself in this overwhelming situation. I was a little skeptical about online sessions but the exercises you suggested were real powerful nevertheless. I find your approach very mindful, empathetic and fun! At the end I felt always refreshed and positive, more...me. I tend to analyze things over and over in my head and it was surprising to experience how some simple movements and postures can almost magically effect the way you feel. I can warmly recommend to try this body-based approach (even if sometimes you feel a little silly). Thank you Leonora!”

"I think the embodiment coaching session helped me to remember something important: thoughts are nice, but feeling things in your body is way more powerful and true"

"Leonora made me realize about all the situations in life I had felt confident and taking the strength from there for putting in action my new projects"
"Leonora made me feel very comfortable right away, and then the exercises we did helped me to get back in touch with what I was feeling in my body instead of being stuck in my brain. I found the experience super fruitful and very freeing, it gave me a confidence boost and general well-being, it's an amazing sensation. The session had this lasting effect, I still feel great a week after".

"I am really happy of this course for the opportunity to look more consciously at the emotions I feel, and for your sensitivity, Being in the group and sharing experiences made me feel less alone, broadened my horizon about solutions to my negative emotions, and helped me understand others" Isabella.

The coaching.

How a session looks like?

  • moving meditation

  • positive psychology approach

  • no sweat but body listening

  • embodiment poses

  • some chatting (not much)

  • exercises to learn more about yourself and to become the person you want to be

Join a space for all the unsure and I-am-not-good-enough creators out there to re-discover their personal and creative super powers (yes, you have them!)

Photo by Daria Shevtsova /Pexels

Leonora. The Happy Coach

Creativity coach for creators who wants to develep self confidence and be f***ing cool

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